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DLS Nanoparticle Analyzer

  • Make: HORIBA Japan
  • Model: Nanopartica SZ-100

Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) analyser useful to measure Particle size, Zeta potential and Molecular weight.

  • Principle: Photon correlation Spectroscopy/ Electrophoresis Laser Doppler method (Zeta potential)
  • Particle size range: 0.3nm ~ 8μm
  • Zeta potential range: ー200 to +200 mV

Location: Room No.305, 2F, SS Bhatnagar Bhavan


Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS)

  • Make: Agilent
  • Model: 240 AA Spectrometer

240 Atomic adsorption Spectrometer Is A True Double Beam Mid Range Instrument.

  • Spectrophotometer with eight lamp capacity & 14 Hallow cathode lamps
  • VGA-77 vapour generation system
  • Lamps: Iron, Arsenic, cadmium, chromium, copper, aluminium, lead, nickel, zinc, calcium, magnesium Mercury, potassium, Tin.

Location: Room No.104, GF, SS Bhatnagar Bhavan


Cyclic Voltmeter/Trace Metal Analyzer

  • Make: METROHM
  • Model: 797 Voltametry

Versatile, highly sensitive analysis system for trace analysis with Voltammetry. Three electrode system with Multi-Mode Electrode (MME).

  • Rotating Disk Electrode (RDE) as working electrode, Ag/Agcl Reference electrode and platinum auxiliary electrode.
  • Available measuring techniques: DC, NP, DP, SQW (Osteryoung), AC1, AC2, CV, PSA, CVS, and CPVS

Location: Room No.104, GF, SS Bhatnagar Bhavan


Ion Chromatography

  • Make: Metrohm
  • Model: 930

Ion chromatography is used to analyze anions and cations from a mixture of sample in liquid samples.

  • Detectors: Conductivity Detector and
  • Amperometric Detector
  • Software: Magic IC Net
  • Sponsored: DST – FIST, New Delhi.

Location: Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory, Room No. 305, 2F, CV Raman Bhavan


Gas Chromatography

  • Make: Agilent Technologies
  • Model: 7890B

Gas Chromatography is used for the separation of compounds in a mixture by injecting gaseous or liquid sample in a mobile phase (Carrier gas) through a stationary phase (Inertgas)

  • Detectors: FID detector with automated sampler
  • Software: OpenLAB
  • Sponsored: DST – FIST, New Delhi

Location: Room No. 305, 2F, CV Raman Bhavan


Total Organic Carbon Analyzer

  • Make: Shimadzu Corporation
  • Model: TOC – L Series with Solid

Total Organic Carbon analyzer is used to measure the amount of organic and inorganic carbon in liquid and solid samples.

  • Sample module 5000A
  • Software: TOC Control L/V
  • Sponsored: DST – FIST, New Delhi

Location: Room No.305, 1F, CV Raman Bhavan


Flow cytometer

  • Make: Beckman Coulter
  • Model: CytoFLEX LX

Flow cytometry is used for Cell counting, Cell sorting, Detection of biomarkers and Protein engineering.
Six spatially separated lasers allows panels to be spread across the spectrum reducing cross talk and spectral overlap.

Location: Room No. 308, 1F, CV Ramana Bhavan



  • Make: Eppendorf
  • Model: NER BRUNSWIK C 32-D-450x

Bioreactor is used in the development and the production of chemicals/microorganisms and other products from bacteria, yeast and fungi.

Location: Room No. 308, 1F, CV Ramana Bhavan


Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC-MS)

  • Make: Agilent
  • Model: G7042AA

GC/MS is used to separate volatile organic campounds and also identify the fragment based on mass.

Location: Room No. 308, 1F, CV Ramana Bhavan


High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

  • Make: Agilent
  • Model: 1260 Quaternary Analytical HPLC System

Quaternary Analytical HPLC System with DAD and Manual Injector Flow rate range: 0.05 - 5 mL/min at 600 bar 5 - 10 mL/min at 200 bar

  • Maximum pressure: 600 bar
  • Injection principle: Vial-only autosampler and vial and microtiter plate autosampler available.
  • Injection volumes: 0.1 - 100 µL, variable in 0.1 µL steps
  • Column dimensions: Length: up to 300 mm, ID: 0.05 - 8 mm
  • Temperature range: 10 °C below ambient - 80 °C

Location: Room No.104, GF, SS Bhatnagar Bhavan


High Performance Liquid Chromatography

  • Make: Schimadzu
  • Model: SPD-20A

High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), is a technique in analytical chemistry used to separate, identify, and quantify each component in a mixture.

HPLC UV/Visible detectors are used to detect and identify analytes in the sample. The analyte can be identified by measuring the sample's absorption of light at different wavelengths.

Location: Room No. 206, 1F, SS Bhatnanagar Bhavan


Preparative Ultracentrifuge

  • Make: Beckman Coulter
  • Model: Optima™ XPN

The Optima™ XPN is the premier ultracentrifuge used in biology for the fractionation of fine particulate samples such as tissue homogenates aiming to isolate subcellular organelles, macromolecules and bacteria.

Location: Room No. 308, 1F, CV Raman Bhavan


Phase Conrast Microscope

  • Make: Labomed
  • Model: Lx-500

Is an optical microscope that converts shifts in the light passing through the specimen into a bright changes in the image

  • Maximum Magnification: 1000 x
  • Eye piece Diameter: 18 mm
  • Eye pieces: Wide field
  • Illuminators: Halogen with rheostat
  • Sponsored: DST
  • Location: Room No. 406, 3F, SS Bhatnagar Bhavan

Alpha-SE Ellipsometer

  • Make: J A Woollam Co,USA
  • Model: ALPHA-SE
  • Spectral Range: 380 nm to 900 nm, 180 wavelengths
  • Angle of Incidence 65°, 70°, 75° or 90° (straight-through)
  • Patented rotating compensator
  • Technology with CCD detection Weight
  • Beam Diameter Collimated: ~3 mm, Focused: ~0.3 mm
  • Location: Room No. 407, 3F, SS Bhatnagar Bhavan

Polarizing Optical Microscope with Heating Stage

  • Make: Olympus & Linkum
  • Model: Bx53p & LTS 42 OC

Olympus Polarizer Rotating polarizer with orientation markers at every 90°
Objectives: 50x, 10x, 100x
Circular Stage 360° rotatable stage, 160mm with one degree increments and spring clips.
Stand Single mold sturdy stand with anti rust materials. Extended base for greater stability.
LINKAM Integrated heating stages upto 4000C

Location: Room No. 407, 3F, SS Bhatnagar Bhavan


Thermogravimetry and Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC-TGA)

  • Make: SHIMADZU
  • Model: TGA-50 & DSC-60

Is an optical microscope that converts shifts in the light passing through the specimen into a bright changes in the image

  • Software: TA-60WS
  • From Room Temperature to 5000C
  • Location: Room No. 407, 3F, C.V Raman Bhavan

Planetary High Energy Ball Milling System

  • Make: Insmart Systems
  • Model: Table Top
  • Grinding is carried out by high-energy frequent impact of balls. The energy level of balls are as high as 50 times (at 400 r.p.m.) the gravitational acceleration.

    • Model No: PBM07-Automated
    • Regular with ventilator
    • Max overall capacity 500 ml x 4 nos
    • Location: Room No. 107, GF, Visweswaraiah Bhavan

    Impedance Analyzer

    • Make: NEWTON 4TH LTD,
    • Model: PSM-1735
    • 10µHz–35MHz Versatile High Performance Gain/Phase Frequency Response
    • PSM1735 NumetriQ utilizes the latest DSP and FPGA technology. The N4L PSM1735 features 0.01dB gain accuracy and 0.02° phase accuracy.

    Location: Room No. 407, 3F, SS Bhatnagar Bhavan


    Multi target DC Magnetron Sputtering

    • Make: VR Technologies
    • Model: VRT/DCS/2020
    • 2” 2 Nos Targets with 2 DC power supplies
    • Turbo Molecular Pump
    • Water Chiller
    Designed for:
    • Metal films
    • Metal Oxide Films
    • Metal Multilayer Thin films

    Location: Room No. 110, Cellar, C.V Raman Bhavan


    Thermal Evaporation System

    • Make: VB Ceramic Company
    • Model: Table Top
    • 2 Boats for evaporation
    • Diffusion Pump
    • Water Chiller
    Designed for deposition of
    • Metal films
    • Metal Oxide Films
    • Metal Multilayer Thin films

    Location: Room No. 110, Cellar, C.V Raman Bhavan


    Supercritical CO2 Extraction Unit

    • Make: Chemtron Science Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
    • Model: Assembled

    Is an extraction unit which uses liquid CO2 for the extraction of plant material.

    • Size of the extractor: 5Kg
    • Max. Volume of CO2: 1 liter
    • Number of CO2 cylinders: 2 of capacity 50 Liters each
    • Sponsored: UGC

    Location: Room No. 102, GF, Pharmacy Bhavan


    Gel-Documentation Unit

    • Make: Bioscreen Instruments Pvt. Ltd.
    • Model: Alpha Imager Mini system High resolution,

    For analysing the DNA and protein samples that are

    • separated by electrophoresis
    • Camera features: 12-bit, Scientific Grade, CCD Camera (C-Mount), 1.3 million pixel Scientific Grade sensor,
    • MICROLENS technology for improved light collection
    • 3.75 x 3.75 μm pixel size
    • Sponsored: DBT

    Location: Room No. 508, 4F, Pharmacy Bhavan


    High Speed Centrifuge

    • Make: Sorval, Thermo Fisher
    • Model: ST16-R

    Is an extraction unit which uses liquid CO2 for the extraction of plant

    For the centrifugation of protein, DNA and RNA

    • Samples
    • Features: Auto-Lock III Rotor System
    • ClickSeal Bucket Sealing System
    • Exceptional Performance and Throughput
    • Motorized Lid Latch
    • Sponsored: DBT

    Location: Room No. 508, 4F, Pharmacy Bhavan

    https://research.gitam.edu/assets/images/gisvsp/NanoFiber Electrospinning Unit.jpg

    NanoFiber Electrospinning Unit

    • Make: Holmarc
    • Model: HO-NFES-040D
    • Voltage: 0-30KV
    • Mandrel rotation: 500-4000rpm
    • Syringe Pump-Single/Multiple
    • Syringe pump flow rate- μL/min-μL/hr
    • mL/min-mL/hr
    • User friendly software enabled PC interfacing that helps the regulation and control of various features

    Location: Room No. 507, 4F, SS Bhatnagar Bhavan

    https://research.gitam.edu/assets/images/gisvsp/High temperature box furnace.jpg

    High temperature box furnace

    • Make: VB Ceramics
    • Model: Table Top
    • Temperature limit: 1700 oC
    • Operating temperature limit:1600 oC
    • Purpose: To synthesis the powder materials
    • Cost: Rs. 2.75 Lakhs Funded by UGC Start-up Grant to
    • mL/min-mL/hr

    Location: Room No. 507, 4F, SS Bhatnagar Bhavan


    Powder X-ray Diffractometer

    • Make: PANalytical, Netherlands
    • Model: X’Pert Pro MPD

    Powder XRD is primarily used for phase identification of crystalline materials

    • X-Ray Tube: Special ceramic X-ray tube Cu LFF
    • Power: 60kV, 55mA 2.2kW
    • Sample Stage: flat solid sample holder

    Location:Room No. 305, 2F, SS Bhatnagar Bhavan


    Tubular Furnace 1400°C

    • Make: VB Ceramic Company Chennai
    • Model: Table top
    • Construction: Stainless steel with powder coating
    • Maximum temperature: 1400°C
    • Heating elements: Silicon carbide (Six numbers with even distribution
    • Location: Room No. 507, 4F, C.V Raman Bhavan

    FT-IR Spectrometer

    • Make: PerkinElmer
    • Model: Spectrum Two

    Spectroscopy technique used to detect functional groups and bonding information.

    Location: Room No.305, 2F, SS Bhatnagar Bhavan